maddy (themadone) wrote,

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It's very odd, but I can smell wood. Not wood as in a large collection of trees. No. I mean the sort of wood you'd get turned into something. Like a chopping board. In fact it smells a lot like my chopping board. Except rather unsurprisingly, I've not taken my chopping board in to work with me today.

I think it's my fingers, but I can't think why they'd smell of wood. Very wierd.

Right anyway, um...I've done stuff. Ya know - stuff. Work mostly. Went around to House Cthuhlu and cooked the remaining residents some of my most excellent spagbol. Then went out for icecream with cryx, which mutated into a trip to Little Chef to get pancakes, which mutated into a trip to Pizza hut for the Icecream factory which ended up with us just getting normal deserts. :)

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