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No Eric, it's a Gazebo

I nearly forgot something about the regional. Inbetween defeating the evil hordes of um...well the other player characters a most horroffic creature arrived in our midst. It was....a Gazebo! Admittedly it was only a Party Gazebo not a Dread Gazebo, so it had less hit dice, but it was still a Gazebo! One made of plastic sheeting and metal poles, rather than wood.

After many days of battle, we finally managed to defeat it though and victorious, we stood proudly over the various bits of Gazebo that littered the field of battle.

Also, I apparently have a girlfriend. Or at least that was what one of the Wakefield players thought cos he asked me where she was. Upon further questioning, it turns out he thought cryx and I were an item cos he'd seen us kissing. Which has never happened, but he admits he might have just mis-seen what we were doing, but still... What are we doing that makes random strangers think we're together?


I saw that Gazebo and immediately readied my crossbow...
raggedyman is getting a Level 8 one.


Wooo...i ready my fireball!
Who knows how the mind of a cam member works when gossip is on the offing?

It ain't just cammies - random members of the public do it too.

I think that the sex noises are going to far.

You shouldn't be listening in?

Lord knows I try not to.

Well you could stop sticking your hear to the keyhole - that would be a good start? :)

It dosen;t count when it's the key hole to the mass murder next door. I'd rather hear the screams of the innocent than.... *Gulps*

It's not like you have anyone to blame but yourself then. Can't a guy play on his playstation without people listening in? :)

Mmmmmmmmmm spaced.

Well we are a boy and a girl who hang out, so there must be a ulterior motive rather than friendship.

Or maybe our clones are at it. or aliens are impersonating us. or something.

Frenchkiss of the Clones?

That could be it. I'm obviously only using you to get crash space in London and you're only interested in my hot sexy body :)

I think this one struck me as being really funny/wierd cos he said he thought we were an item cos he'd seen us kissing. I can't think what we could have been doing that could look like kissing and not be kissing. I suspect the clone theory is probably the best one so far

Re: Frenchkiss of the Clones?

It could have been when the two of you were compearing the sive of your teeth.

Re: Frenchkiss of the Clones?

or one tried to steal the other's chewing gum.

Re: Frenchkiss of the Clones?

It pisses me off when Chris does that to me. Espically when I don't even have gum!

Re: Frenchkiss of the Clones?

The other explanation is that Wakefield people are just ... strange.

Re: Frenchkiss of the Clones?

Well that is probably true too. But lots of other random people assume it as well. Very wierd.

Re: Frenchkiss of the Clones?

yes.. it's not like i often sniff your nose or anything. How very weird.

Re: Frenchkiss of the Clones?

Hmmm. I wonder what my nose smells like. It'll be something I can't smell, because it's always there so I'd be used to the smell of it. *ponders thoughtfully*

Maybe we were deep in furtive plotting to rule the world? If we were whispering maybe are heads were close together that from a certain angle and reflected off the polished metal poles of the bar, it'd look like we were deep in hot tonsil hockey action? *grins*

That was just so that it could sneak up behind us and swallow us all up. And in fact, it did swallow us all. But we bravely fought our way out :)