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No Eric, it's a Gazebo

I nearly forgot something about the regional. Inbetween defeating the evil hordes of um...well the other player characters a most horroffic creature arrived in our midst. It was....a Gazebo! Admittedly it was only a Party Gazebo not a Dread Gazebo, so it had less hit dice, but it was still a Gazebo! One made of plastic sheeting and metal poles, rather than wood.

After many days of battle, we finally managed to defeat it though and victorious, we stood proudly over the various bits of Gazebo that littered the field of battle.

Also, I apparently have a girlfriend. Or at least that was what one of the Wakefield players thought cos he asked me where she was. Upon further questioning, it turns out he thought cryx and I were an item cos he'd seen us kissing. Which has never happened, but he admits he might have just mis-seen what we were doing, but still... What are we doing that makes random strangers think we're together?

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