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So that was the regional.

I really must sort out what my character wants to do in unlife in Sabbat. It wasn't that I was bored, it was more that I wasn't sure what I should be doing. And no-one really was doing much, so I ended up talking crap to people. Did take part in a race and didn't technically come last, but didn't manage to nobble any of the others to help urizen's character win.

Eeep! Found out minutes before the game was due to start, that our game was the host for the Garou game. Despite much crapping of pants, we managed to aquit ourselves, although we did end up torching a large part of the local area and someone got killed.

I'm not sure if there was any plot to solve in C/A, but the malks spent the majority of the game trying to wierd out the local sensashal. We started off by just following him around and staring. Then we added in some doom and gloom predications. We finished it off by actually saying the predictions had come to pass and we kept checking him for this tentacle parasite that had invaded his neck. Not sure how much it worked, but the player in question found it very amusing.

Other than that practically before the game ended, we discovered stuff was going on. So we had a brief nosey it at before I realised that it was just that it was a Malk-T party. Oh and I got to read from the book. I was immune to pencils for the latter part of the game :)

Mage was a very quiet game. I met some new people. I failed a training exercise. I didn't get punished for the spanking machine - just a stern warning not to take out of the chantry. Completely managed to avoid all the plot somehow. I suspect it was cos it was hiding from the cricket like any sane person would. Except I didn't avoid the cricket - I figured the best place to hide from people organising cricket was where the cricket was going to be, cos they'd be looking elsewhere. It worked.

All very tiring, but probably nowhere near as tiring as for the people doing the actual organising. They did a grand job and I doubt I'm going to need to eat for a week :)

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