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Hiding. You deal with your depression by wearing a
mask. No one ever knows your depressed, so no
one can ever pity you. On the outside you're
calm and collected. Inside, your blood boils...
But that's ok, as long as everyone thinks
you're normal.

How do you deal with your depression?
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I'm Hiding too, apparently...
sorry to say, but i don't think things i love is working quite correctly. Page keeps going white, and it doesn't seem to add thing which aren't quite to the specification it requires, but it doesn't tell you what the problem is...

Is such a good site though... i'm trying to do some updates/spring cleaning..
aah.. you have to click on the defult thing to define which list to add it to.

The add wishlist item link thing dun work properly. You click it and it fills in all the details but when you add it it wipes the url and price entred :( so you have to add them again, which defeats the point of the button.
it would also be good for recommendations to have a link for "you don't like this" cos then it won't keep recommending it, and it might help guess the taste.
actually talking of that (and does this much replying to my own comments make me insane?) when you say you own something, it still recommends it to you! i have it! i don't want it again!!

Arse. Same problem as with adding stuff. Easily fixed though. And I should be able to fix the ones you've already done. Adding stuff you don't want will be a bit trickier...need a way of telling the code that you hate it. Probably use a negative rating or something.