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Another sunny day? Has the weather mistaken this land for somewhere tropical and not England?

The aircon in the building is being it's usual crap self. My office is lovely and cool, as is the openplan bit just outside. But, as one of my co-workers put it, this building is like a crap Kew Gardens. Because various other parts of the building range from icy cold arctic tundra to sweltering jungle type conditions. Unfortunately the loos and the "canteen" area are in the hot end of the scale - I think I shall be having very short but frequent breaks.

I'm not sure why, but I feel kinda gloomy, despite the bright sunny weather. I can't tell what is wrong though and it's bugging me. Hopefully the fact that it's bugging me isn't what is causing me to feel gloomy. I think it's either a strange sense of foreboding or a feeling of emptyness. Which I guess could mean a sense of future loss? Blah.

Probably best not to dwell on it and try and concentrate on the good things in life. Which is going to be interesting since my boss is in today :)


Weird. I mean I know why I am moody - redundancy, no job yet, money, sorting stuff out, hubbie trying to be really nice, brother comieng and stuff.

But yeah, moody. Maybe it is a friends thing? I may join WB in doing weird stuff to make myself feel better.

Can you think of stuff to randomly make yourself feel better?

Erk, I want the definition of a rapturist - I know it is somethingk like a terrorist but instead of spreading terror you spread rapture - *goes away to google*

Normally I'd eat icecream to lift up my mood, but somehow I don't think it's that sort of mood that I have. It feels more like something is about to happen rather than I'm feeling glum.

The feeling you get before a thunderstorm? The feeling that something is about to happen and its just a bit electric and you don't know if it is going to be good or bad.

Yeah - something like that. Oddly though, it vanished whilst I was at the pub. I'm sure I still felt that way when I left home. But I noticed it was gone whilst I was eating dinner. Didn't get the impression eating dinner had banished it though.

I guess this means that it could have been one of three possible events that happened in the mean time.

  1. Met PC Alex on the way to the pub and got a lift. (unlikely)
  2. Talked to Nick about stuff that is going to happen on Friday (maybe)
  3. cryx got a nasty letter saying she owed Brunel lots & lots of cash.

It could be #2 and Nick alleviated some of my worries regarding it? Or it could be I felt that something bad was going to happen to someone close to me (#3). Can't really see anyway of finding out which though.

Hmmm...very confusing.

Either that or there was something that might have happened had your actions been different (i.e. instead of going to the pub you decided to cook and laze indoors which would have led to you cutting yourself with a kitchen knife).

OR, your spirit needed lifting and being around friends did this, hence removing the 'maisma' of doom/gloom hanging around you - sort of like banishing a psychic vampire????

Or you were just down and your friends lifted you up!
*returns from a good googling*

Hmm, ok, there is a different definition of raptruist than that one and it is SO biblical...

The Rapturist says that Christ will come secretly and instantly to take His saints away before the time of "great tribulation" spoken of in Jeremiah 30:6-8, Daniel 12:1, and Matthew 24:20-22.

Ah ha!
"The opposite of a terrorist is a rapturist: a person who conspires to commit surprising interventions that make hordes of strangers happy and fulfilled." buried here

Erm, Sorry for the weirdness!