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Dumb and Dumber

I feel like I've cycled miles in lots of clothing in a very hot place. Oh...I have. Blimey! Where on earth did this hot weather spring from. Last night it was muggy and about to rain at any moment. La! Hot sunny weather! It was so warm, I could have gone without my jacket the whole journey - normally it's a little chilly in the first stages.

Saw some candidates for moron of the year on the way in. Some numpty standing on the cycle path exit off the A30 (before the M25 junction). Then he was joined by his equally retarded co-numpty, who drove up beside him and parked on the cycle lane, completely blocking it for anyone who wanted to get off the A30. I was going the other direction at the time, but it's people like that, that make me want to get a fuck-off HUGE horn/klaxon or something and make some noise. Ideally some kind of sonic weapon would be prefered.

As I hurtled towards the station, I did notice a cyclist going the other way - hopefully he didn't have any problems.

Did I mention it's bloody hot today?

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