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Decided once I got to Staines on the way home, that I couldn't be arsed to cycle home and then back to the cinema, so headed straight there. Probably a good idea, cos it was bloody windy and I find I get really knackered battling against strong winds.

A combination of lots of loitering pikey kids and a seat, meant that I waited outside near the bike rack for the others to turn. Only had about 40minutes to wait before people slowly started to arrive. Then went and gone some food from Nandos. Apparently their food is very low in fat. Their chips with peri-peri sauce are very hot (but obviously very high in fat).

Then we saw what I've been waiting for all my life (or at least the past few months) - The Matrix Reloaded. The ending sucks big fat hairy donkey nads as it's a basic "To Be Continued" thing. Slap bang in the middle of juicy plot. But other than that it's an awesome film. Lots of cool fight scenes. The scene from the trailer of Neo fighting 100s of Agent Smiths is very shiny and good. I certainly can't wait for the last one - then all the new unanswered questions will be answered.

Afterwards we went back to House of Plot and watched some of the Animatrixes. Not sure which is my favourite - either "A Detective Story" or "Last Flight of the Osiris". Was very surprised at the speed at which I returned to Egham. Gordan didn't overtake me until I'd got to Tescos, which means I must have been ninjaing along like a ninja :)

Am sleepy now, but suspect that tomorrow will be a busy day, so off to bed before I wake up on the sofa :)

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