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Woohoo! The office tuckshop (the one we run, not the expensive one upstairs) has just got a new batch of stock in and they've got a MUCH larger range of diet drinks in. There's lilt, coke with lemon or vanilla and orange tango (have to have words about apple being nicer). Oh and there is normal diet coke - but I won't be touching that with a 10ft barge pole. Yucky foul tasting stuff.

Poor guy in my office broke his collar bone the night before. He was cycling home and crashed his bike. The fact that he was completely wasted after attending the Comic Relief thank you party, has rendered his plight completely devoid of sympathy from the rest of us. :)

Not long to go now - less than 6 hours until I achieve nirvana.

I did that virus test lemming and as far as I can tell, I got most of them and those I didn't get, I might have, so just assume the worse :)