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Wierd...I think I just got cold called by a computer. Or at least the person at the other end didn't seem to be human. They seemed to be responding to what I was saying but without really listening to it. It took me several attempts to find the right phrase to tell them that I didn't live at the address they gave.

I suspect it was a scam cos apparently I'd taken part in a survey a few months ago and won a new picture mobile and a digital camera. Now if I had taken part a few months ago, why did they have my old address which I've not lived at for nearly 2 years? I think they were just trying to get my bank details to rob me.


yup - on the other hand some of the people are so dumb that they are just talking without listening.

give them a couple of goes and hang up. one of my stock phrases is 'I am sorry I do not buy over the phone'.

OTOH - I once got a genuine call from someone saying 'is that [Maiden name] of [Egham Flat address]? and got hideously confused when I said 'well, yes, but I Have moved and married since then so neither information is correct!' - Kept the same phone number!

To be honest, I was quite interested in the offer - it was a new snazzy mobile phone with a digital camera thrown in. But when he'd so blatently lied about why he was phoning I figured I'd not bother. That and he kept going on about paying with direct debit - something I'm loath to do - that put me off. I suspect once he'd confirmed my address, he'd get my bank details.

I really should use my digital camera more...