maddy (themadone) wrote,

The weekend started with a trip into London in barty's car. We kidnapped sea_cucumber and gave a lift to ambrogino and urizen. Using my GPS gadget we managed to navigate through the busy streets of London getting around lots of snarly traffic jams and soon ended up at the House of <insert name here>.

Met cryx's friend Jo and we had luke-warm, but very cheap pizza from a local pizza company. There were lots of extras too. It was unfortunately very late, but we eventually got to Full Tilt and bopped the night away. There were lots of very nice looking young women there, but having the chatting up skills of a piece of old mouldy cabbage I didn't do anything. Got bored of dancing to the music so went and watched the heaving hordes instead.

Then we staggered about Camden trying to work out where the nightbus left from. Took us many attempts to find the right stop, but after looking at one of the bus maps and asking a bus driver we got it sussed. The bus ride back was un-eventful and everyone crashed out as soon as we got back.

Got up late the next day and had a fryup at the local greasy spoon. Then we got some shopping for the party and spent the rest of the afternoon vegging about. Lots of people turned up for the party. We had the most yummy cake I've ever had. Huge amount of food from the local chipshop/chinese. Some booze - but not very much, so I didn't get drunk and do something I'd regret later. Crashed out early so got up fairly early.

The place was practically empty - people were either still asleep or gone. barty and majic13 were missing pressumed arrested as they'd gone drunkenly rampaging in London. Turns out they'd been having fun falling in the river instead. They soon came back and then we for more greasy spoon food except for barty who crashed out after his adventerous night. Am back home now though.

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