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Grrr. Sodding Barclay Card have screwed up my account. I paid last months bill, the website claimed it accepted it. But now when I go to their site it claims the payment was rejected and have charged me a late payment fee. Thankfully, the payment hasn't gone out, so it's just a screw up on their website. And they're going to remove the late payment charge. Bloody annoying though.


I set up a (honking great) payment to my credit card at the beginning of the month using my bank's online inarnet web site thingy. I checked my accounts a couple of days ago and noticed that the payment hadn't gone into my credit card. Nor had it left my current account. In fact, the website denied that I even set the payment up.

I wish my bank still did that thing where they payed ten percent of the value of each screwup as a bounty/apology.