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Yesterday (or rather last week) I gained 4lb. I've decided to give up on SW for the time being as I lack any motivation or reason to lose weight. If I'm honest, I've not had any of that for about a year now. It's not really fair on anyone if I keep turning up when I'm not following the plan cos my weight will just fluctuate like a yo-yo.

Instead, I'm going to stop following the plan rigidly and just be me and eat normally to see how I get on. It's not like I don't like following the plan, but there are days when I need ... something - like icecream - and my brain goes off on one cos it knows it can't have it cos it's bad for the plan, so it makes me want it even more. If I don't deny myself stuff, I'll probably not want it.

Since I see Rachael once a week anyway (well actually I'm there to see Simon, but she keeps appearing for some unknown reason), I'll just get weighed on the sly. We're going to see if I can get back down to my club 10 target (I've gone over by 5lb) and then we'll see where we go from there.


Before I thought that if I lost weight, I'd be able to get a girlfriend. But then I realised 2 things.

  1. My problem isn't who or what I am - it's that I don't meet women
  2. Do I really want a girlfriend who is superficial enough to care about my weight?

At that point I guess I sorta gave up. Work stress didn't help either. And now that I've discovered that there exist women who do like me irrespective of my weight, it really does seem pointless aiming for something that isn't something that matters to me.

*grin* yup, good analysis! If you arn't doing it cause you want to do it for yourself....

Hope you get back to Club 10 and see what you want to do!