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Yesterday (or rather last week) I gained 4lb. I've decided to give up on SW for the time being as I lack any motivation or reason to lose weight. If I'm honest, I've not had any of that for about a year now. It's not really fair on anyone if I keep turning up when I'm not following the plan cos my weight will just fluctuate like a yo-yo.

Instead, I'm going to stop following the plan rigidly and just be me and eat normally to see how I get on. It's not like I don't like following the plan, but there are days when I need ... something - like icecream - and my brain goes off on one cos it knows it can't have it cos it's bad for the plan, so it makes me want it even more. If I don't deny myself stuff, I'll probably not want it.

Since I see Rachael once a week anyway (well actually I'm there to see Simon, but she keeps appearing for some unknown reason), I'll just get weighed on the sly. We're going to see if I can get back down to my club 10 target (I've gone over by 5lb) and then we'll see where we go from there.

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