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Oh, it's such a perfect day
I'm glad I spent it with you...

Blergh. Yet another fun night of roleplaying ruined by my inability to stay awake through it. Why is it that I can stay awake until 1am normally, but as soon as I try roleplaying I zonk out. It's not even like it's just one ref - it's any game. Last night I was so tired I was tired even on the journey home, which is unusual as I tend to normally wake up once I get some fresh air and stuff.

Went straight to bed and couldn't get to sleep for 2 hours. Managed to get to sleep eventually after I grabbed some water. Feel very sleepy now though.

Today looks like it's going to turn out like yesterday. However I did manage to race up to work and get there ahead of the other cyclist that I sometimes see on the way in. It was a close finish, but despite coming from behind (ooer) I managed to over take and retain a lead over him! w00t! Go me!


Oh, it's such a perfect day
I'm glad I spent it with you...

Quite randomly, I happened to be listening to that song about 30 seconds before I saw this post. Spooky!

CCG2 had it playing on her stereo when I bought coffee this morning.

What sort of games are you playing/running at the moment?

Well...there is a various World of Darkness LARP games: Mage, Vampire and Garou. They're all part of thise HUGE national WOD LARP group.

But in this particular case it's Call of Cthuhlu. Part of an on going series of weekend long marathons, except that this module is different in that it's not run in Lucky 13 (a friend's homebrew system) and it's a full campaign.

I'm not running anything myself yet, but one day I dream of running ... something. I keep coming up with things I'd like to run, but never getting enough oomph to do get beyond that :)


CofC is still one of my favourite games and I had an absolute hoot the only time I played Cthulhu Live!

Oh yeah - it's great fun. My only problem with it, is that my dice hate me and tend to roll low when ever I roll my POW score. This latest campaign I've ended up with a POW of 4 and only 20 points of SAN. Surprisingly, after 3 sessions I've not lost any yet though. I just don't seem to be able to spot the demons and other freaky shit the other characters keep seeing.

I'm not sure how I'd get on with the live variant - it's quite easy to be scared by hearing someone describe events, but a guy with fake tentacles wouldn't work. We did do a sort of ad-hoc gothic horror live game waaaaaaaaay back in my uni days, but that just had vampires in it and the sleep-dep helped remove any disbelief we had.

>>but a guy with fake tentacles wouldn't work

That reminds me of the funniest moment I have ever experienced in a LARP. I was monstering for a Heroquest game in the catacombs and cellars of an old monestary in Belgium.

The party had a fluke of luck and encountered the controlling monster long before we had expected. I think I was being Hench-ork number 6 when I saw the GM walking towards the party, mumbling madly, in deep concentration, with one hand to his forehead and the other positioned under his chin with his fingers pointing dwonwards and waving crazily.

Everything stopped for a moment. Then the party attacked. A "time out" was called and the GM informed the party that they were all unconsious. This resulted in a heated debate where the GM told them that he was a being a Mind-Flayer and that party shold have run away. The party were so incensed that they did not notice we monster collapsing into fits of giggles as we did "mind-flayer" gestures to each other!

That is so poor and a common problem. I remember hearing tell of a similiar situation where a bunch of goblins attacked the party and cos they were being uber noisy and loud, the party fled in terror thinking it was a group of something much much larger and dangerous.

The sooner they get fully immersive VR sorted, the better :)


>>The sooner they get fully immersive VR sorted, the better :)