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I've no idea why, cos it's usually generalised pap, but for the past n-months I've been subscribed to a daily horoscope thingy from AstroCenter. Today's though is (for the first time ever I think) spookily close to the bone.

You could be thinking about the meaning of life, CHRIS. You'll be in a reflective mood, trying to make sense of some recent events. Maybe you are trying to sort out a challenging personal relationship. You might be figuring out how to handle a loved one who often rubs you the wrong way. Or maybe you are considering a new career path. You might be asking yourself what you really want to accomplish. These are good questions to ask, so don't be afraid to do some soul-searching.

With it being the first day back at work in over a week and a busy evening ahead, I some how doubt I'll get to do any soul-searching. Barely have time for a soul-glance.