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Well I'm back from the wedding. I've learnt that I'm either allergic to (some) flowers, birds or possibly dogs and cats. I'm suspecting it's more likely to be birds than dogs or cats though. Spent the night at the bride's house and ended up coughing and sneezing lots whilst in the room with a bird, but was fine in other rooms sometimes. Took 3 gorgeous girlies out for dinner and stuffed 'em up to the eyeballs with nice food.

Slept quite late compared to the rest of the house hold, although I was dressed first. The bridemaids and bride spent most of the morning lounging about in their PJs and robes until the very last minute before deciding it might be a good idea to put something more suitable on for the wedding :)

Followed the wedding procession in the car and then at the last moment headed off to the hotel to check in. Discovered that for cryx's room, I had apparently already checked in. Turns out the hotel owners are a bit scatty and had checked in one of the groom's brothers into it instead. cryx got upgraded to a double room (which they tried charging me for) so in the end it was all OK as being a Cancerian she likes big beds to sprawl out on.

Got to the castle for the wedding only to find it pretty sparse on the guest front. I think everyone was wandering around the grounds. The ceromony was very short (which is a good thing) and then we went outside and faffed about whilst photos were taken. Someone was guiding the photos and expecting the guests to use their mindreading powers to work out where, if at all, they were meant to be. This resulted in most of the guests not realising that the bride and groom had got into the horse drawn carriage and headed off to the reception.

Had lots of yummy food at the reception. Lots and lots of cake and pudding. Speeches went well, even majic13's when he stopped chewing the microphone :)

Forgot my booze at the hotel, so there was only wine (gah! hangover!) or beer (yuck!) to drink, so didn't drink. Didn't feel drunk enough to go up and dance by myself, so didn't dance. Surprisingly lacking in the slow dancing type of music which you normally get at weddings either. Got a lift home from some random other guests who we don't know and I don't think we ever did find out who they were. Made good use of cryx's huge bed to crash out and chat for a bit, before heading off to bed.

Got up early. Had a shower in the world's worst shower. Had 3 heat settings - cold, luke warm, scalding hot. Took ages to get warm too. And didn't seem to spray much water out. Had nice greasy fry up for breakfast. Then we pootled back. Weather is varied and confusing. Too bright, but cloudy.

Apparently amazon have shipped my recent order, but the people who've delivered it had given it to some random neighbour who I've never met before. Unfortunately having no idea who this neighbour is, I've got no way of knowing how or when I can get the parcel off them. Tried already and they weren't in. Bloody irritating. Why they couldn't have just taken it to the local office so I could collect it later, I don't know.