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Today cryx and I went shopping. I got a very snazzy suit (or at least I will have it when they've finished altering it), some new smart shoes and a book on learning PHP in a day. I like shopping with cryx cos it always seems far easier than when I go by myself and I always end up with what I'm looking for.

Spent the rest of the afternoon tidying up my CV and had a brief and completely wasted look for somewhere to stay whilst at the National next weekend. Got called up from the hotel for the wedding who wanted to just confirm that I wanted a twin room. The conversation was deeply disturbing cos it seemed like they'd run out of rooms and were seeing if I'd be happy with a twin instead of...er...something else? Despite having booked a twin. Oh well. Nothing has changed, so I guess it's all alright.

Tonight was spent at House of Plot watching animatrix stuff and Donnie Darko. Which thankfully wasn't as crap as Welsh Chris had made it appear to be. It was very twisted though. Tried a new type of curry whose name I can't remember. It was very hot and had something very yucky tasting in it that tasted like washing up liquid. Other than that it was nice and had green chillis and stuff in it.

I think after getting out of barty's car on the way back, I've somehow fallen into the future as all the foliage outside my front door has grown uber amounts since I last looked. At the current apparent rate of growth, I shall need a machette to get in and out to cut away the plants.

I think I shall check email and then head to bed, but first - I shall definitely post this entry so I don't do a repeat of last night :)


Which thankfully wasn't as crap as Welsh Chris had made it appear to be

Ah, but Welsh Chris makes most things appear to be crap. heh heh heh
Donnie Darko is a cool and twisted film but I guess you have to watch at least twice to fully understand it.

Maybe. I wouldn't say that it was hard to understand once you'd seen it all, but with any film like that, you should always watch it again to pick up stuff you missed. And of course my understanding of the film probably differs wildly to everyone elses - we certainly had lots of differing ideas as to what was happening when we discussed the film afterwards.