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Yuck. What is going on with the weather? One minute it's lovely and sunny and the next it's all crappy and cloudy. And I seem to be all crap today. I've left my mobile at home cos I put on a warmer jacket and it was in my summer jacket. I spent ages re-reading the same bit of an email over and over again, wondering why the person had repeated themselves, cos I hadn't realised I was pressing space (to page down) in the wrong window.

And I've just been told I've got until tomorrow to finish this project I got lumbered with, who the project mangler for has gone on holiday until next week. So I had no idea how urgent it was and hadn't been able to feed back to anyone that there is actually quite a lot of work to do. Now that I know what deadline there is and how strict the deadline is, I'm not entirely sure I can pull it off. Oh well - who needs sleep anyway?

Oh and I've noticed that Netscape has built in ICQ, so I've got that setup and working. But it wouldn't let me re-import my contact lists, so I've had to re-add people - in case you were wondering why you've got odd authorisation requests from me.