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Coo - they have an attractive female ref on the snooker. Apparently she's the first they've ever had (on this event I think). I wonder if this is an attempt to make it more appealing to the masses.


To make snooker appeal to the masses, they would have to change it so that it wasn't as dull as ditchwater and less interesting to watch than paint drying

Bah! Snooker is great to watch! Very exciting.

It is even more fun to leave on when you have cats - they spend hours chasing the balls across the telly
They have some scary women on BBC1 currently on 'The Worlds Strongest Woman'

Yeah - I'm watching that now until Treasure Hunt starts. Don't think any of them are taller than you though :)

they may not be taller, but they are certainly stronger and fitter than me

Oops. Treasure Hunt isn't on.