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5th wheel

Urg. I feel rougher than a barbedwire jock strap. A bunch of us went to the Toad last night to experience the wonders and thrills of lots of very drunk women. I guess the novelty of free drinks has worn off for most of the female punters cos apparently they were getting drinks they had to pay for instead of the free stuff. I drank rather a lot and now feel very very poorly. And hungry. I could really go for some nice and greasy like a fryup. But alas, there is no canteen here so the best I could probably manage is an egg and bacon roll or something from the sandwich van (cos the snack shop up stairs is crap).

Fat chance of me losing this week I guess :)


!eep! I am not sure I wanted the image of you in a barbed wire.....
erk :)

Hope you had fun though - and sorry, I have been crap and not updated the status thing on the web site cause of crapness - I shall do it this evening - or send me another e-mail and I will do it at work...

Eeep! No! Not me in a barbedwire jockstrap. That is just how I feel.

The pub was moderately fun...the aftereffects aren't though :)

No worries regarding the status. Tonight is fine.

*evil grin*
OK, tonght i will sort the status out!
It's worrying enough that you know what it feels like ;oP