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Hurrah! The weather has warmed up again. I was really surprised when I walked out of the office in my winter coat to discover how warm it was. It was so warm and nice and sunny that when I got to Windsor, I cycled all the way home (without coat on). Then I cycled up to Simon's for more Cthulhu plotty goodness. So far my character hasn't lost any of his 20 points of SAN. I'm not entirely sure how long this remain the case as I suspect that with the rest of the party wiffling on about demons and the like, that my poor character is about to get broken.

Since it was er...sunny this morning, I braved the chill and cycled back to Windsor. I wonder if it ever gets particular warm in the mornings. It always seems very chilly.

I've got really nice hands. I noticed this whilst pootling along on the train to Maidenhead, cos I was holding onto one of those upright poles for holding onto and er...noticed my hand was nice. I don't have excessively big hands. I guess as guys go they're small. Not the sort of slabs of meat that come with a low intelligence and a prepensity for hitting women around. More the sort that I'd imagine an artist would have. But then I guess if I really think about it, that is what I am - coding is more of an artform than a science.

Thinking about my hands, got me thinking about girls' hands. After much pondering (well a few seconds worth), I decided I like slender hands. Small soft pink hands. I wonder why there aren't hand fetishists. Hands are pretty much feet that have adapted for holding and poking stuff. I guess it's cos hands are visible and not covered up. I guess that if women wore gloves all the time, then there would be hand fetishists. If it is just that feet are covered, would that mean that in the days when most people couldn't afford foot attire, that feet weren't adored and drooled after?

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