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Had one of those "small world" moments yesterday. As some of the more observant of you may have noticed, the name I'm using on here is Maddy (yes - it's short for themadone) and that would have been my prefered username too, but it's already taken.

So purely out of interest I decide to investigate who this mysterious interloper was. I was expecting it to be some simpering, whiney american (as LJ seems to have quite a lot of them), but it turns out she's a bit more local than that. She's apparently one of the london goth mob that I seem to know so many people from like xtasca. Very freaky. But this yet again proves what a small world it is.


I often think that the universe is held together by a delicate stream of coincidences...

Case in point, my next door neighbours at home in Southampton, the lovely Pete and Wendy Rice used to live in Englefield Green, well before I was born, in the row of houses opposite the graveyard...

Number two, my Ex from Manchester (the one I met over the internet) had the surname Jefferis and her grandparents just happened to live in Southampton (random coincidence). Rather more strange was the fact that Grandfather Jefferis used to be the chief registrar in Southampton and his signature in fact appears on my birth certificate!

The universe is strange!