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Hmm....Snow this morning. Was lazy and cycled to the nearer station so I didn't get too damp. Snow at Windsor too, but thats an even shorter journey. CCG2 seems to have taken over the morning shift - I've not seen CCG1 for ages.

Got a lift down to Tescos at lunchtime, so I decided to stock up on food for lunch over the next week. Except I managed to spend nearly £35 and at a rough guess I think I've actually got enough food to last me nearly 3 weeks. I suspect some of it will actually last a whole lot longer and I'll end up having lots of choice over the next week and then randomly stock up again after that.

I certainly wierded out the other-boss and a random H&S person that was lurking in the kitchen. They didn't seem to understand the phrase "There's nothing to eat upstairs" as my reason for why I'd bought lots of food. H&S person wondered why I didn't just go down to Tescos everyday. Whilst it is only a 20minute trip each way, the idea of wasting 1/3rd of my lunch break getting food everyday strikes me as a bit stupid.

I wonder what they think about my bike that is currently down in the data center in one of the corridors. I'd imagine someone has moved it out of sight by now. Hopefully I can find it later.

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