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Woohoo! I won £5 in a sweepstake at work on the Grand National (which I guess was last weekend). Unfortunately this puts me in a bit of a moral quandry.

I came 3rd place. The people who came 1st and 2nd have both publically donated their winnings to charity. It's already been announced that they have - the guy who ran the sweepstake mailed out the results and their actions. Ah sod it. I can't be arsed with any possible angst on this. I shall spend it on lunch instead.


To bloody true!
I managed to put £1 on the winner and walked away with £17, but it didn't really strike me as an amount worth worrying about what to do with. I spent most of it on groceries in Tesco's.

I don't think anyone can criticize you for blowing your winnings on lunch. Well, actually they can, but they'd be a bit silly to.
It's your money, you can do with it as you wish. You are under no moral obligation to donate it.
Charity for me is a personal thing, I don't shout about it everywhere when I donate the odd quid here and there.
If the sweepstake had been run under the banner of charity, this would be different.

One thing I forgot to mention, was that the sweepstake was for charity - all the proceeds (ie non-winnings) went to some charity or other. I should probably not just start typing in here, cos I only start wiffling on and on about stuff and end up invalidating what I say.