maddy (themadone) wrote,

The Geek that went up with Lush stuff and...

...came down with computer hardware.

Did the Mother's day thing and took her a big box of Lush stuff. Helped her look through some of the old computer kit in the garage cos she wants to clear it out and found amongst other things, an Atari, a ZX 81, a BBC and some C64s. As you can probably already have guessed, I brought back some of the kit rather than let her throw it out or sell it.

I ended up with the 2 C64s and a 486DX2 which apparently I'd already agreed to take. Plus I've got a new coffee table. Which will needs lots of work, but I got it primarily for the glass top cos it's pretty and reminds me of childhood.

I wish they'd say which Magnum was which in the adverts. I want to know what the crazy wild eyed one is.

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