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There's a whole bunch of stuff I've not posted - just me being lazy and not getting around to doing it, so here's a mass catch up post :)

Bah. Bloody pub wasn't doing food. Was very hungry. Walked past chip shop. Stopped being hungry *grins sheepishly*

Not much happened except lots of fiestyness at work. Went to GameSoc and played Roborally and Groo.

Chatted to other coffee girl. She's going to be doing Monday and Tuesday for a while, whilst original coffee girl will do the other 3 days. Found out, whilst discussing how crappy it was that the weather had gone crap, that she's from the Czech Rep. She's going back there over the Summer - apparently it gets really really really hot. It's also really really really cold during the winter - she actually prefers it here cos it's not as cold. I wonder if she's a migratory coffee girl :)

She's started giving me a 10% discount like the OCG did for being a regular. I just end up putting the 11p I save into her little tip cup. Although apparently tippers aren't sexy any more - her sign that said so on the tip-cup has vanished.

Quiet day. Had pizza and icecream at cryx's - barty turned up too. Veggie pizza tastes odd.

We had a feline visitor which (as far as we were aware) didn't go and pee on majic13's bed. It did go and hide under thankyoukindly's bed, but then I'd imagine most cats would when faced with being stamped at by a scarey man. Some TLC curtsey of cryx calmed it down tho and she managed to hoist it out the front door whilst it was still bewildered.

As I left it spotted me leaving and tried another dash for the door, but gave up when it noticed it was too late. I wonder if it waited all night for someone to go to work. Poor thing. Must have been very cold and hungry. Doubt it would have liked the veggie pizza either *8).

Now I'm not great at maths, but even I can tell that if a train leaves at 8:25 and takes 6 minutes, that it'll arrive at it's destination at 8:31. Therefore if I were to be trying to catch the 8:30 train, I'd be a minute late - maybe more, because I'd have to cross over the bridge to get to the 8:30 train. Despite all of this, every day dozens of people race to catch this train like crazy loons. If they wanted to catch it, surely they should catch the train before the 8:25? Or they could catch the 0:35 from Slough?

On a semi-related note, I see that railtrack have changed their timetable looking up stuff to be crap, unhelpful and not tell you all the info you want. Bah.

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