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w00t! w00t! I got the pasta cooker to work. Took bloody ages and I had to stop it manually (it's meant to stop automatically), but I had pasta & beans for lunch today! Could have done with some seasoning though. I shall have to visit Tescos and get some 'erbs


Herbs, damnit! HERBS! With an H! What, are you some kind of colonial or something? HHHHERBS! >:E
exactly! As Mr Izzard would put it, "you say 'erbs, we say Herbs. Because there's a fucking H in it!" :D
Mr Izzard is wise indeed.

Pasta cooker?

What on earth is one of them?
I cook my pasta in the largest saucepan I can find.

Re: Pasta cooker?

Think kettle and you wouldn't be too far off the mark. I'd love to use a saucepan except they require cookers which is something we don't have a work.