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This is my horrorscope for today...

You might need to humble yourself to the technology gods today, CHRIS. At work, new computer systems or networks could be having some minor problems. It could take a little time to sort through these concerns and fix the software or settings that have caused the problem. Although this might delay other work, at least you will be learning these systems thoroughly! And the next time a problem comes up, you will be able to fix it quickly.

I got this just after being told I had to security check some Java code...

Now where did I put the chickens and the sacrificial dagger.


Can loan a cat or 5 as required, and can also do assorted blades - What size? The biggest one we currently have at home is my Glaive at about 7 1/2 foot and I have a mini whittling knife at about an inch in blade length and quite a few swords and daggers in between (ahh the joys of being a re-enactor).....Can't provide chickens though.

Umm (thinks) we have some chicken fillets frozen in the freezer if those are of any use.

Though to be honest (and far less messy) might be better to so some voodoo using blu-tack models - thats what I do at work and stick drawing pins into them - doesn't seem to work too well but makes me feel better ;-)

Hmmm...I wonder if my blu-tack modelling skills is up to doing gimpy fucktards? :)