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Tried a different route to Windsor today. Tis much more scenic and safe to cycle down. Apparently I had a shiny green sports car drive past me at some stage, but I failed my spot obvious (or maybe hidden) roll and didn't notice a Mr. Richardson. Made it to Windsor in time to get the train before the one I normally do, although the next train was running a bit late so I didn't get that early.

Went in to town at lunch time and bought myself a rice and pasta cooker in Argos. As I'd expected, it was a lot larger than the picture gave the impression, so I was suddenly burdened down with a bike and a very large box. So I decided to give in and get one of those racks for bikes to carry stuff on at the back. Discovered how hard it is to get on and off a bike without swinging my leg over the seat :). Haven't tried it out yet - that I will do on Friday I guess.

Am very sleepy now though, so I might get another early night. I think I've had too much caffiene recently and this is the cold turkey. Gobble! Gobble!

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