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Damn, damn, damn, damn!

I've killed my bike somehow. The minor gear ratchet is no longer ratcheting, it just lets the cable freely move about. Which basically means that I can't pick a gear and stick with it - I have to hold it place, which is not particular easy - especially up hills.

Given I can't exactly see how to get at the internals of the ratchet I suspect it's going to be a long and costly replacement or repair. Which could mean I'm working from home for a couple of days. Oh hum. It's probably lucky it happened today whilst I went to the pub, rather than tomorrow on the way to work, although hurrying to the pub and then finding out no-one else was going to turn up does mean I had a wasted journey.

Ended up at House of Plot for much carnage curtesy of Halo and then that nice Mr. Willis chap put on a fine show of butt kicking action as he saved the day in that family romp "Die Hard"