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1 lump or 20?

Today the journey in to work has not been good. It started off with every traffic light being red on the way in to Staines. Every road I had to cross being busy. As a result, I got to watch the train I was trying to catch leave the station without me. Unfortunately it's not worth it to head on to Windsor, as it'll far longer to cycle it than to wait the 30minutes for the next train and catch that. Thankfully the next train arrived and I got to Windsor.

I decided to have a coffee - coffee girl wasn't there (2nd day in a row). New coffee girl is cute too and has a lip piercing. It's only taken her 3 days to learn my habits too. Then I was a bit crap (well OK - a lot crap) and dropped my canderel dispenser into my coffee. 100 tablets all gone in one cup. She offered me a replacement coffee, but since I didn't have any more canderel and I can't stand coffee without some form of sweetener I declined. Oddly the cup of canderel tasted vaguely of coffee :)

After waiting for about 10 minutes I realised that the train should have arrived by then. It's practically impossible for the train to be late as it's just bouncing from Windsor to Slough - no points or signals or whatever involved. I was just wondering if I'd some how missed the train whilst I was fishing the dispenser out of the coffee when they announced that the train was delayed at Slough cos the driver was stuck on a train out of London. I toyed with the idea of cycling to Slough, but I figured it'd still be quicker to just wait. It was probably barely quicker and thankfully the trains to MH weren't delayed, so I managed to get into work eventually.

On the plus side I have now got a new yoyo for my door pass, so I don't have to keep fumbling around in my pocket. Must remember to put it in my pocket before I try cycling though cos it'll fall off.

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