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What with it being the start of lent next week, I got to thinking about eating lots of pancakes. Then it suddenly occured to me that I have a yummy xmas pudding sitting at home just waiting to be cooked and covered in cream and brandy butter. I think that instead of pancakes I shall gorge myself on xmas pudding.

The hard part will be making the brandy (or rather rum) butter and keeping it long enough to be able to eat it with the xmas pudding :)


Hi if you make brandy/rum butter, be warned it only tastes good for a couple of months I fave found it is best to make fresh - oh and use unsalted butter - I stupidly didn't the first time I made it

Luckily this isn't my first time - I'm following a family recipe. Or at least my attempt at it as my nan took the recipe with her to the grave. Last year's attempt worked really well.