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Getting back from work today was briefly a bit of a nightmare. As I cycled to the station, I discovered the park was full of pikey kids. I've never seen the park so busy. 2 of the pikey kids were hurtling about on a dirt bike and found it hilariously funny to buzz past in front of me. I'm getting increasingly worried about getting home safely.



I'm glad that I'm in my car most of the time when on the move.

Re: *nods*

Well I would if I could. It shouldn't be a problem though, but the new offices are in the bad end of a town with a very high crime rate. And the route to/from the station goes through the local estate where all the local pikey kids live/hang out. I'm going to start taking less with me to work for the moment just in case. It's only a matter of time before I get attacked or mugged.

Re: *nods*

I understand your concerns completely. I've been very wary since the failed mugging attempt on me in Manchester during the C/A National last year. I still can't believe I came out of that unhurt and with all my belongings.
The worst shock really was when I told the hotel security guard about it and his only comment was "Yeah, happens a lot around here" or something along those lines. Jeez, thanks for your concern. At least he offered to call the police.

Good luck.

Re: *nods*

May be just a half term thing - most of those kids would (hopefully) be on the way to school normally.

Worth finding out the school timetables for that area?

Re: *nods*

It was after 5pm so they would have long since been out of school. Not that I'm sure this lot are the sort that go to school.

How much of a short cut really is it through that estate? I'm pretty sure that I'd want to stick to the main roads if I were on a bike!

It's about 0.2 miles longer according to the navigation software on my iPac. But that is along a very busy A road where I'm more likely to get runover.

Which is why some official somewhere has decided that the national cycle route goes the way it does. It's meant to be the safest/easiest(?) route between Maidenhead station and the Vanwall business park. Although that is just part of the actual route - it starts somewhere in London and finishes in Oxford. I guess in some ways it's a bit like a cycle motorway.

I guess I can't really win - I either get run over or lynched. At least I do have a chance of getting away on the bike from any potential muggers. I think I've had at least one close call where I heard someone shouting and running behind me. Oddly enough I just kept on cycling *8).