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Full Tilt? Mild Slant!

(Bit of a backlog cos I'm a lazy slacker...)

Friday night a few of us had planned on going to Full Tilt (a gothy-rocky sort of club) to dance the night away and see our semi-long lost friend xtasca whose birthday it is on Monday.

We arrived at the pub the 3 of us (me, sea_cumcuber and doris) that were going by train were meeting up with xtasca only to discover that they had a band playing and were charging on the door. We all dutifully paid and went inside, found no sign of Clare and decided we might as well have a drink. The music was loud, odd and full of swearing.

Then we spotted Clare had turned up outside and was gesturing to us to come out. So we joined her and her friends, finished our drinks and did the introductions. Helen - Clare's friend from back home - apparently had a really nice bum and everyone except me had a good feel (although that changed later).

We decided to go look to see if we could find the others - which we didn't - and then head on over to queue for the club. I'm not sure how long queues for clubs normally are, but this one didn't seem to big. We didn't have to wait too long to get in - I was more worried by the gang of locals who were loitering about carrying baseball bats and stuff and that Charlotte as apparently sucumbed to the evils of cigeratte smoking. :(

Inside there was the usual grope session with security - he had a good feel of my mobile. The place was HUGE and I knew that if I didn't stick with the others I'd soon get lost. Charlotte got out of the groping at the same time as me, so led me over to one of the many bars and bought a drink. I was playing it safe and not drinking cos dancing dehydrates and I hadn't had time for dinner.

The others had ended upstairs and had found somewhere to sit, so we dumped stuff and alternated between there and the dance floor. Dancing was fun, although the music was 99.999% dance music - which is OK to dance to but pretty crap. Certainly not the gothy/rocky sort of music I was expecting at least. There was thankfully a couple of decent songs played where I could let my hair down and have a bit of a head bang, but it went back to dance music again afterwards.

It was at this stage that cryx appeared and told me that she was going home, cos inquis wasn't feeling too good. I headed back up to the seats to say goodbye, but it turns out she had meant they were leaving there and then. Oh well. Charlotte had gone with them (linette had a car), so that meant it was up to me to get Adam home and I had pretty much no idea. Clare took pity on us and offered to put us up for the night.

Clare's new place of residence is awesome - it's a flat in a converted church. To repay our hospitiality and because I cannot resist a pair of beautiful feet I gave Clare a much needed foot massage -her kinky boots, although pretty, were not really well suited for any amount of usage. I had a pretty good night's sleep on the floor, whilst Adam had a lousy one on the sofa. I blame his continous fondling of the talking Cartman doll that was keeping him awake.

Morning arrived, people got ready, we chatted with Helen & her bloke about roleplaying and also Carl whose flat it really was. Everyone except Carl was off out for the day, so we all left for the tube station. Got to Waterloo easily, had breakfast in BK and finally got back to Egham by about 11am....

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