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Well judging by the overwhelming flood of comments supporting the "Chris is complicated" theory, I'm guessing I'm not. Which is a relief. I don't want to be complicated and differcult to understand.


as i mentioned in the car, just because people havn't answered your question, it doesn't mean they support one answer or another. there is no logical basis for that assumption.

Your logic is flawed which makes you a complex and hard to predict. :P

I don't want to be complex. That means people won't understand me!

I agree with Linette here.
I just don't know you well enough to comment either way.

Well I was mostly aiming the question at people who know me. They should know one way or the other. I'm guessing after all that if no-one replied they just don't know me either.

You seem to be getting the wrong end of the stick.

The gist of the conversation that you had with Linette and myself: you claimed that you do not think about the way you act, or anything much at all. Linette and I pointed out that you are actually capable of thought processes. This doesn't suddenly label you "Chris the Enigma". We were basically explaining that you are actually capable of reason, and are not a complete simpleton.

You appear to be misinterpreting our meaning and attaching certain worries to how this may cause you to be perceived. This is in itself the sign of a complex mind. So there. ;o)

I never said I wasn't capable of thinking - just that I don't. I tend to just do stuff, no thinking involved at all. The times when I do think, I think about bad things so I try not to think if I can. I can get my mind to be blank for ages and ages.

Being complex _is_ bad. If people can't understand me (which often seems to be the case) then how can they interact with me properly? Given the choice between someone easy to understand and someone complicated, I suspect most people would go for the former.