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The morning started off fairly badly with a major anxiety wibble. I couldn't find my watch and much like oxygen or legs, I can't exist without it. After much frantic searching about the house I eventually found it in my jeans' pocket where I'd already looked about 10 times already. Cue much sighing of relief.

Things thankfully picked up after that. A nice cycle to Staines (no sign of nemy this time). Got a coffee at W&E Central. The cute coffee selling girl gave me a discount, apparently because I'm a regular. She then did the same thing for the next person to come along too. I wonder if she's being overtly nice to me and then trying to cover it up by then being nice to other people whilst I'm adding sugar substitute? Maybe she's just vying for a tip - something I hadn't realised coffee sellers should get normally. Maybe I'm just over analysing this? The latter is probably more likely.

Still...she is cute. :)

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