maddy (themadone) wrote,

The Weekend

After a really crap, dull and boring Friday night I managed to lift my lowered spirits by a much needed, and more importantly, successful shopping trip. I got myself a shiny new helmet, a bike pump and the latest (and I think the last) X-Files episode(s) on DVD. Oh and The Sims for the PS2. As soon as I got back, I gave the new pump a whirl. It works infinitely better than the hand one I. I now have nice firm tyres.

London game was fun, but different. Didn't do an overly large amount of stuff, but have prevented my poor beleagured character ending up in deep poo.

As I walked back from the Station I came across something that looked really wierd. Some people had just left the 7-1/Budgens/"Whatever it's called this month" and started down the High Street. As I rounded the corner I saw them chatting with some woman, who then seemingly walked off in a huff towards me. Very oddly she was carrying a cat and talking to it.

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