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Soya milk tastes odd. It's almost like it's caramel milk or something. Giving it a try cos apparently according to the massage class teacher, I'm drinking/eating too much dairy produce and this might be causing the dry skin problem. Could well be the case as I didn't used to drink milk until a few years ago.


Try sweatened soya milk. They use apple juice. In my honest opinion soya milk is evil nasty stuff, though I do actually use it when I'm at home. I also use the non-sweatened stuff, but I know a lot of people prefur the other stuff.
I really hope that's meant to be sweetened.

The concept of flavouring artificial milk with sweat really turns my stomach.
Don't knock it till you've tried it!

Can't have it if it's got apple juice in it - that would invalidate it's use within "the diet". I did whack in loads of Canderel though. Still tasted funny.

They use a TINY amount.