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Last night's massage class was uber empty. I suspect in some ways it was probably mine and Carlo's fault as last night we did backs. Which meant lots of faffing around for the female class members as they tried to lay bare their backs without exposing anything else. I don't know if Carlo caught a glimpse of anything, but I certainly didn't, so if that was the worry then it was unfounded. I was too busy concentrating on the long complicated list of moves I had to do and making sure I got them right. Carlo gave me a B+ for my efforts, but then teacher says he's very particular about his massage.

Had a chat with the teacher about where I could on from here. She recommended a few places I might try, but warned me that it would be hard to find a place because a lot of classes don't allow men. Oh well. Not entirely sure whether I should go further or not.

Managed to make it home without trying to kill myself this time, although I did miss the train (as per usual) and went and chatted with barty and inquis for a bit.

Trains were a bit poo this morning, but I managed to get in only 20 minutes late. The devastation of losing the file server yesterday afternoon wasn't as bad as I'd expected. Just had to re-open all my windows. Unfortunately, the problems still persist.

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