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Well....another mini-regional (well, 4 games in one weekend is pratically one isn't it?) over, and I'm feeling a bit knackered. Sabbat was fun if a little ICly frustrating - but then that is partly what my character is all about. I came >< close to enriching myself. If only the Ventrue hadn't exploded underneath me, it would have worked. In Garou I learnt that werewolves cannot fly, but they do make handy soft things for people to land on. C/A I spent winding up the Toreador - it's far too easy, but still lots of fun. And finally in mage we turned the brain of a house-sized spirit slug into not-spirit-slug-brain, thus killing it.

Hard to say which game I enjoyed the most, although I am very proud of my creative lateral thinking in taking out the spirit slug.

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