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Well...another working day over and done with. Not entirely sure how I've done with this body magic stuff. I've cycled 7.71 miles in somewhere between 47mins 20 (bike computer) and 53mins 6 (my watch). Obviously the watch is telling a slightly larger time cos it doesn't stop when I get to traffic lights. Now in theory, that means I've cycled 50% more than I should have, but took about 50% more too, so I've easily done my 5 miles in 30 minutes. Except at no point have I actually cycled a whole 5 miles. That was spread over 6 journeys.

Bah. Too confusing.



Well I severely doubt many other people have done that much, in one or several attempts.

How far do I need to cycle to work off my third ham and brie roll..? What about this can of Stella? Gah!

Re: PiggyCat..

Unfortunately it doesn't work like that. The exercise is purely meant to make us fitter - not counteract eating vast amounts of bad stuff. That said, it does seem to help a little.

But anyhow, unless you've changed much since I last saw you, I doubt you'd have a problem having a 3rd roll - in fact it's probably a good idea to. Maybe if the rolls were really really really HUGE, like the size of a house, it'd be a problem though.