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Dry Smash tastes yum!


Oh no, you're turning into Piers :)

Erk! Where did you spring from. I didn't know you had succumbed to the evils of LJ too :)

Aye, I've been lurking for a couple of months now... :)

Bah. All my deep dark secrets laid to bare. ;)

No, I'm not turning into Piers. Piers used to eat printer paper tracks (or whatever the stuff with the holes is called). Thats not food. Where as Smash is...kind of. :)

He used to eat raw/dry pasta, though :)
mmmm..... dry pasta...
actually worryingly enough i also eat paper too...

Well I would say that must be Piers then, except that you're nothing like him - far too bouncey.

Dry pasta is yummy. It's crunchy!