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Dry Smash tastes yum!


Well it doesn't expand that much...but expanding food is good - fills the tummy!

I doubt that would happen. In my experience the amount of smash you end up with is the same volume as amount of dry smash and water you start with. And I'm only shoving the occassional mouthful into my gob.

Oh no, you're turning into Piers :)

Erk! Where did you spring from. I didn't know you had succumbed to the evils of LJ too :)

Aye, I've been lurking for a couple of months now... :)

Bah. All my deep dark secrets laid to bare. ;)

No, I'm not turning into Piers. Piers used to eat printer paper tracks (or whatever the stuff with the holes is called). Thats not food. Where as Smash is...kind of. :)

He used to eat raw/dry pasta, though :)
mmmm..... dry pasta...
actually worryingly enough i also eat paper too...

Well I would say that must be Piers then, except that you're nothing like him - far too bouncey.

Dry pasta is yummy. It's crunchy!
Help the ignorant German here, what's Dry Smash?

Smash is a brand of instant mash potatoe. The kind you just add water (or something) to. Dry Smash, is um...Smash that isn't mash potatoe yet. Little lumps of potatoey goodness. And in this case, cheese and onion flavoured.

It's a bit like eating crisps, but without all the fatty oil.

Almost figured from the "expanding" comment that it had to be some kind of concentrate.

You just went up a notch or two on my weird scale ;o)

Woohoo! Do I have a score or something. Is there a rating out of 10? I wonder how high I can get it.

Smash is yukky dry or made up - used to play games with it at Cathsoc though during my university days.
I have never eaten smash. I just remember the adverts with the robots with heads like woks. They were funny.
First they cut them up.

If only that were haiku.