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I think I'm getting the knack of this massage lark judging by the positive feedback I got last night. Hopefully I can get lots more practice and be really good at it.

Today I started on SW's latest crazy scheme - body magic. Basically it's just trying to get people to do exercise. So far I've cycled 3.87 miles in 25.25 minutes which isn't particulary good according to the book. I should be doing 5 miles in 30 minutes (ie average 10MPH) which I can do, but I suspect I'm being scuppered by the hilly bits. Hopefully on the way home the anti-hills will counteract the hills and it'll look more reasonable.

Either way, according to their points system I should get about 15points.


Ooh, are you taking a massage diploma, or just learning informally? It'll be nice to do a holistics-geeking session with someone who doesn't look at me blankly, if the former's the case. ;-)

V xx

Something in between. I'm doing a 6 week adult education course in "Everyday Massage". Not sure if I'll attempt to take it further, mostly cos I have no idea where to go from here. I could ask the teacher, cos she's done lots of courses apparently.

You did yours on the OU didn't you?

Gods no! I can't imagine HOW you could do a correspondence massage course. What would they do, supply you with a dummy?? *grin* I did a 1 year intensive IIHHT course in Holistics, including the advanced massagey bits. Means I'm technically a qualified aromaterrorist too...and that I can prod people's feet in interesting ways and things to boot.

You're thinking of my database management course - I did that with the OU. Somewhat less person-centred. ;-)

*blush* Oh um...yeah - I guess that makes sense. Don't think I've got the time or money to take a year out from work to do non-work stuff. I've got a mortgage and things to pay for now.

Although knowing how to do fun things with feet would be good :)