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Last night was the 2nd class of "Everyday Massage". This time we learnt how to do necks and shoulders - although we did the top bit of the back too. We even used proper oil this time, rather than glooby creams. I think I did quite well at it as did my partner for the session.

I've just heard today that I'll be getting a new phone - a Nokia 3110.

Other than that - not much else happening.


woohoo! massage skills!
woohoo! new phone!

Can I interest madame in dinner and a neck rub then? :)


potentially.. but not tonight.. i think i may be busy. (incidently i near misstyped that as busty XD )
Sounds like a good plan though :)

OK. I was thinking of going for the "Spicy Szechuan noodles", which is apparently 5 sins per serving on a green day (serves 4), or if we use sensible ingrediants (like frylight) and share it between the 2 of us, probably closer to 4 sins each (plus a healthy extra of pork)

How about Friday then? Or if you discover you're not busy and change your mind - let me know soon though.

Well your fingers aren't very bright then - cos if they think you're busty they've not been paying attention, cos you're definitely busty - you just have to look down to tell that.

I think my fingers have the wrong idea about us meeting up for dinner, cos they almost made me type porn instead of pork. *blush*


can't on friday either.. think it'll have to be next week.

Ooh dear.. attack of the freudian fingers