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There are times I really worry about my impulse buying. Today I went into London with cryx to buy some LEGO and look at GPS navigation systems. I ended up with a GPS navigation system and having looked at LEGO.

Tis very shiny though. Haven't got the decent software that does voice yet, but I don't really need it until I start cycling to random places and I'm sure I can get it cheaper elsewhere. What it does do, is pretty much everything apart from voice directions and dynamic routing - which means that it'll tell me how to get to X from wherever I am - exactly what I need when I get lost. The only thing I don't have is a proper protective case for it, which I'll definitely need as it'll get broken in my pocket.

Have just realised I've not said what I've got. Basically it's an iPAC 3950 with a compact GPS module (made by prete) and software.


Well that was one of my lines when trying to convince myself. Hence I'm now scouring the net trying to find cool stuff to install on it :)