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Whilst getting a lift home from charliemouse he gave me a demonstration of his in-car navigation system. I must admit I'm hooked on the idea of getting such a device for my bike. It would greatly decrease the amount of time I spend getting lost, or pouring over streetmaps.

The (obvious) downside to this dream, is that such beasts cost at least £180 and ideally I'd rather have a look at them in person rather than ordering them blindly online. I think a shopping trip to London is sounding more and more like a Good Idea(tm).


i must admit i am also completely envious of CM's navigation system.. oh how i yearn for one!!!

If you got one, it'd put me out of a job though :)

I've seen a cheap one for the Palm III (that is the one you've got). Not sure if that route is a better way to go over a dedicated bit of kit. I think I'd be more inclined to go that way if I could just get the hardware cos there is probably shedloads of navigation software out there.


one of the things i liked about CM's system is that it talks to you. It's really horrible trying to find your way somewhere you don't know, and look at maps. To behonest i can just use an AZ. i want it to tell me when to go left ;)