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On a whim, I decided to find out what Bacon number I am. It turns out I'm at most 4 degrees seperated from Kevin Bacon. The theory is, is that everyone in Hollywood is within 6 degrees of seperation from KB.

Obviously I've never starred in a film, but cryx has. She starred along side such stars as Jimmy Nail, who starred in Morons from Outer Space with Miram Margoyles (who???). She stars in Balto along side Kevin Bacon. So cryx has a Bacon number of 3. Which gives the rest of us that know her Bacon numbers of 4 :).

I guess it's in theory possible that we're 1 less than that, but I've yet to find anyone who starred in Still Crazy who has co-starred with Kevin Bacon (ie has a Bacon # of 1).

Oh and if people are interested in finding out what bacon number someone has - I've found this.

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