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On a whim, I decided to find out what Bacon number I am. It turns out I'm at most 4 degrees seperated from Kevin Bacon. The theory is, is that everyone in Hollywood is within 6 degrees of seperation from KB.

Obviously I've never starred in a film, but cryx has. She starred along side such stars as Jimmy Nail, who starred in Morons from Outer Space with Miram Margoyles (who???). She stars in Balto along side Kevin Bacon. So cryx has a Bacon number of 3. Which gives the rest of us that know her Bacon numbers of 4 :).

I guess it's in theory possible that we're 1 less than that, but I've yet to find anyone who starred in Still Crazy who has co-starred with Kevin Bacon (ie has a Bacon # of 1).

Oh and if people are interested in finding out what bacon number someone has - I've found this.


Which film?

Or doesn't cryx want to talk about it?

Re: Which film?

"Still Crazy"

I wouldn't say i *starred* in a film. I was in it, but only breifly!

Well if it doesn't count, that should mean you don't get your 1-degree from Tipping the Velvet *grins*.


I think I've got a Bacon number of 3 as Maurice Roeves used to be my uncle. He was in Judge Dredd with Diane Lane, and she was in My Dog Skip with Kevin Bacon. Unfortunately My Dog Skip is involved, so I have to be ritually humiliated...

Robert Baker-Self was in "Minder (TV Series) (1979)" with George (I) Cole
George (I) Cole was in Mary Reilly (1996) with John Malkovich
John Malkovich was in Queens Logic (1991) with Kevin Bacon


What, RBS the child actor? Heh!


"Child Extra" would be closer to the truth. And only in minder. In about 1983.
I've met Joanna Lumley...
Joanna Lumley was in Curse of the Pink Panther (1983) with Robert Wagner
Robert Wagner was in Wild Things (1998) with Kevin Bacon

I have a bacon number of 3

Miriam Margoyles (who???)

Professor Sprout in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, also appeared as Edmumd Blackadder's mad puritan Auntie ("WICKED CHILD, DON'T LIE!!") In Blackadder II.

My Bacon number is 3

I've met Tom Baker, star of Doctor Who
Tom Baker was in Dungeons & Dragons (2000) with Bruce Payne
Bruce Payne was in Pyrates (1991) with Kevin Bacon