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Well there is still a couple of hours left, but I doubt anything else will happen for my birthday, so here is a quick run down of what I did.

Friday went clubbing at Full Tilt which was good fun. Saturday went to the London game, it was quiet except for a confusing "Formal Court" and the sighting of some "Hell Hounds", so cue derrangement #2. Then after the game we did Slimelight which wasn't as good as Full Tilt, but was still fun. I think I found the floor I could dance on so that helped. Sunday started off at pub, then saw The Tuxedo which is a fun film followed by food at Nandos.

Food wise I've been a bad bunny. Burger King after both clubbing trips, lots of sausage, chips, cake, pudding and random booze. I suspect I won't be losing much this week, although given I've not been weighed for last week I might even out.

I'm listening currently to my Kylie album (same track as played at Slimes) which I got for my birthday from my sister and about to launch into major spodding session since I've got tomorrow off.

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