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It does not seem to be my week for travelling. I decided yesterday, that since it was Friday and everyone has buggered off home early, that I would leave early too. So I pootle off downstairs, get my bike, start cycling towards the station when I notice that the front wheel has a funny bump to it. On inspection, I discover the tyre is completely flat. I go back inside and tried pumping it up to see if it was a slow puncture, cos the bike was fine when I arrived at work, but it couldn't hold any pressure.

Managed to find the puncture quite quickly - it was quite a large hole. And what caused it? A HUGE lump of glass. At least a centimetre long and about 2-3mm square. It was well and truly buried into the tyre, so god knows when it happened. Unfortunately by the time I'd fixed the puncture and got back on my way, I might as well had left at my normal time. Still cryx cooked me egg and chips which was yummy.